PPI Services Inc.

1. Registration of Employer/Accreditation of Job Order

PPI works with employer/ principals to comply with all the documentary legalities to accredit the client's job order to our company and register the company as a foreign-based employer. The accreditation of the job order with POEA ensures that all the minimum terms and condition as provided in the regulatory agency's rules and regulations are complied with.

2. Database Search and Manpower Pooling

PP use various recruitment strategies including manpower search, on-site recruitment activities, organizing job fairs, advertising for open position, internet marketing and a host of others to comply with the human resource needs of our clients.

3. Pre-Selection of Candidates

The following procedures applied once candidates’ qualifications, experience, training, and other relevant criteria are established
• Administer skills tests (if required); conduct personal interviews for individual assessment.
• Evaluate and verify credentials and documents submitted such as employment certification, transcript of records, company background check, etc.
• Prepare candidate for interview with employer and/or its representative.
• Arrange the conduct of medical and laboratory tests to determine health and fitness level of candidate.

4. Selection of Candidates

Selection of preselected candidates is perhaps the key process to ensure the successful outcome of a recruitment activity. In this regard, PPI takes utmost care to provide the best available candidates taking into consideration the total remuneration package that our foreign employer offers.

5. Processing of Visas and Work Permits

Every care taken to provide the right documentation in processing workers visas and work permits, taking into consideration the respective requirements of the host country.

6. Ensuring Compliance of Pre-Departure Formalities

PPI assist the workers acquire basic knowledge about their employer, environment and country to enable them to successfully integrate into the new system.
• Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) assistance for the successful integration of the workers to the new working environment.
• Liaise with employer to facilitate relocation-related issues.
• Coordinate with the employer about the selected worker airline booking.
• Airport departure assistance.