Deployment Process

Foreign principals/employers intending to get the service of an Agency for Worker(s) Deployment will still need to undergo POAE Accreditation.
Please See Requirements and Procedures for Accreditation.

Agency will handle the Deployment Process for Employers with already selected Worker(s) in the Philippines and just need to be deployed on the Job Site of the Employer.

Process will start on the Medical Test of the Worker(s).

Medical Test

Selected Applicants will undergo Medical Test here in the Philippines and result will be sent to the Employer as part of Visa Processing.

Visa Processing

Selected Applicants will undergo Medical Test here in the Philippines. The Medical Result with Medical Certificate (Certifying that the Applicant is fit to work) will be send to Employer along with the other necessary Documents for Visa Processing.

Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS)

A Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) to worker is being done by the PDOS Center through agency before deployment.

Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) & Ticket Booking Confirmation

OEC will be process and release by the POEA as part of the Immigration Exit Clearance. Booking of ticket for the worker(s) is done after the release of the OEC.

Orientation & Briefing of Worker(s)

Final orientation and briefing of worker(s) before departure is done by the Agency.
Employer must update the Agency on the status and workers arrival in the job site.